Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12, 2007

I wasn't planning on doing this, not that I'm all that shy, or new to keeping a journal, but mostly that's private writing. However, I am feeling the need for a new creative venture and after seeing other folks blogs, here I am putting the proverbial toe into the water. Right now my house is very quiet except for the occasional chirrup of my cat Faye who doesn't so much as meow as she has a plaintive cry for attention, which she has finally decided that I am not going to stop playing with the computer to pet her so she has settled down to sleep next to my elbow on the desk. Since it is late, and really I should be sleeping I will keep this short.

Tomorrow is my quilt guild's meeting day. I am currently vice pres of the Eudora Quilting Bees, which mostly means I'm the person who schedules speakers for our meetings. Tomorrow Reeze is speaking about EQ , the latest in quilting software programs. Since I don't own it, and have no desire to, this isn't going to be the most exciting topic. However, I need to have a sample of what we could do at the Make it and Take table at the quilt show in July, so tomorrow I will throw that together before the meeting. Also, I really need to finish the dolls that I have under way at the moment and figure out what quilts, I will have done by the time of the show. Ah, well...that will be a tomorrow after sleeping thing. So long, good night, and I'll write some more later.

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