Monday, January 28, 2008

hung up a new calendar

When I got home from work, besides kicking off my shoes and relaxing in front of the TV, I finally hung up the new calender in the kitchen. Most of January is already gone and I've not had much time to enjoy the picture of our guiding angels. Mostly I don't go for that sort of angel art, but this one was 1. on sale, 2. really interesting looking, not sappy, and 3. Made with 100% post consumer recycled paper. I am going to try and get a quick snap of it so you all can enjoy it along with me. I have been doing a bunch of embroidery on dish towels and have plans to make a cute embroidered border for some kitchen curtains I've been planning on making for. . . well since we moved into our house and I painted the kitchen green and coral read. I have the fabric that goes and everything, but have never done it. Well, here's hoping I can do something about that.

See this improve you enviroment kick was started because a friend of mine wants me to paint my hallway, (its needed it ever since the bathroom was renovated about in the fall of 2003) in exchange for some sewing lessons. So, since I'm getting that work done at last, I thought maybe I should do a few of the other things I've meant to do to beautify our home. Well that's it for tonight.

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