Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is (one of ) my most treasured childhood posession

I only just came across this, but wanted to post about one of my most treasured childhood possessions even though we are onto theme number two already. I have been gaga for dolls for a long time and this little one, only 8 inches high, is my beloved Ginny doll that I played with lots and lots. I brushed her hair to the point that she is bald in a few spots and has terrible split ends from me washing her hair. At the moment she is trying on some new fabric on my sewing table waiting for me to make her some clothes as when my Mom found her and gave her back to me she was naked and longing for some new fashions to protect her modesty. I remember loving this doll more than my Malibu Barbie because 1) she had brown hair and brown eyes just like me 2) she looked more like me than Barbie i.e. no boobies 3) she seemed sweeter and smarter than Barbie, just like me...don't ya know. Anyway, I also remember making little outfits for her from scraps from my Mom's sewing and now I'm a grown up and still making dolls and doll clothes, though no longer just from scraps leftover from other projects, now I go and buy fabrics on my own to do this.
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three buttons said...

Oh Ginny is so pretty. And much more down to earth then bimbo barbie!

Thank you for playing This Is, my apologies for taking so long to add you wonderful blog to our blog roll!

I look forward to popping in often.
Angela xx