Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trip to Iowa City

Its been awhile since I've written anything. Back in May when my parents visited I had planned on showing off a picture of some lilacs that were in bloom. However, such plans fell by the wayside and its already July. As I type today I can hear the very enthusiastic fans of fireworks setting off stuff, which they have been doing for the last several days, though tomorrow is actually the fourth of July. I really wouldn't begrudge them their enjoyment of minor pyrotechnics and noise, if only they stopped before I was trying to fall asleep in the evening.
Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was my recent return visit to Iowa City, IA. The main reason for the trip was to see family (my husband's parents and his sister and her family). We left on a Monday to drive up, and came back the following Thursday, with enough time to get me ready to work all weekend. I love going to Iowa City, particularly in summer as it full of memories from when I went to college there and later lived there for several years, including the last big flood back in 1993. While we were there we ate out at some of our favorite places including the Hamburg Inn #2, and Lou Henri's where I got this fantastic omelet with Parmesan sauce, mushrooms, and avocados.
Also at Lou Henri's I discovered an interesting windchime made out of keys and some fun mosiacs in the ladies washroom made from recycled plates. Very hippy, which is one of the aspects of Iowa City that you can either revel in or hate, but never fully get away from.
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We also found this cute little store called Home EC. Workshop. Their website is
I wish I'd taken a picture of the front window and the inside too. They sell fabrics, vintage trims, these wonderful buttons from India and really beautiful yarns. Also, you can take classes there, and sit down and have a coffee and cinnamon roll too at their little coffee counter.
I loved the little bags they put my buttons in so they wouldn't get lost. These are some of the fabrics and trims I bought there. One of my favorite finds was this fabric with the fifties women doing the wash.
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We stopped in twice, once when I first spotted it across the street from our goal of the Hamburg Inn, and then again the next day to really do a bit of shopping. Both my nieces went with us and they picked out fabric to be used for a doll that I will be making them. It was great deal of fun and I would have loved to buy lots of their cute Japanese imported fabrics, but in the end I bought things I'm more likely to use in doll making or a quilt. Now I'm back home and am trying to get things ready for our quilt show next weekend. The Eudora Quilting Bees show happens to fall on my tenth wedding anniversary and also on the opening date for Hell Boy II. If I actually get the weekend off, like I've asked for, then I will get to both help out at the show and go see the movie with with the husband which is our way of celebrating our anniversary. We are both such geeks. After the show I should have some new pictures of my finished quilts. Now that's its hot out, all I want to do is hang out where its cool and sew.

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