Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is...a work in progress

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This is one of the things I've been doing while huddled inside with the air conditioning. I keep planning to work on making new dolls, but instead I've been making lots of granny squares. The part I hate most is weaving in all the little loose ends of yarn. I have most of these squares done and ready to go onto this afghan as a contrasting border. I totally love how the black yarn makes the squares pop and how bright the colors are. This is my first granny square crochet project with multiple colors and I am totally hooked (please excuse the bad crochet pun).


deblacksmith said...

Looks great. Love your picture layout.


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. This looks wonderful. Great selection of colors.

little red hen said...

Here's a tip crochet the ends in as you go, by laying the tail along the row you are crocheting and then all you have to do is snip of the tails much much quicker! And less boring!