Thursday, October 2, 2008

this is show off time

Of all the dolls I've made, this one, named Delight, is one of the dolls I'm proudest of making.
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She is my interpretation of a pattern from Patti Medaris Culea's second book,
Creative Cloth Doll Faces. I first scanned the pattern and enlarged it about 20% as this was the first doll I'd made with individual fingers. She is interesting in that I knew I wanted a wild look about her, but she came together slowly over a number of weeks. She is different than other dolls I'm made in that she has both eyelids and eyelashes. Her body fabric and the fabric on her left arm I made using a base lavender fabric, which was sprinkled with bits of other fabrics and thread and Angelina fiber, then I added a layer of netting. After zig zag stitching over the netting fiber sandwich I heated the Angelina fiber so that it would have a certain shimmer and iridescence. Her skirt is made of some altered tyvek which I painted with metalic fabric paints and the pink netting is from a bag of tangerines I bought at the grocery store. I used the black and white fabrics and checked ribbon to balance all the hot pink hair and shoes color. One thing that I don't know if it can be seen well, is that one of her eyes is blue, and the other is green (which I did to add to her quirky look). Overall she is everything I like best about making dolls, she has big hair, bright colors, and lots of personality. I personally think this chick could rock out with the best of them.  
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Obe's said...

Wow she is gorgeous!!!

Grand Purl Baa said...

She is indeed magnificent. Beautifully magnificent. Her colours are grand. I particularly like her very long legs and her crazy hair. Glad to have found you via blogtoberfest. Cheers. Loani

Erin said...

she is fantastic! her face is absolutely beautiful, and i am a little bit in love with her crazy pinkish hair.

Erin said...

p.s. happy blogtoberfest!

LynAnne Smucker said...

Thanks for the lovely compliments. I too have been loving reading lots of blogs for blogotoberfest. Keep on blogging.