Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is something I never thought I'd like

Sweet Potato Pie, originally uploaded by RumAli.

The humble sweet potato, served every thanksgiving that I can remember as a kid covered in a layer of marshmallows. I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Too weird. Then I actually had just plain old baked sweet potatoes with salt and butter. Yummy, who knew. Not me. Then of course came other ways to eat the sweet potato, sweet potato french fries, sweet potato pie, sweet potato's with garlic, and fresh lime juice to counterpoint the sweetness. Basically, what I have found out is that many of the foods that I couldn't bring myself to try as a kid are actually pretty good. I still am not a big fan of cheese unmelted and by itself. I still don't care much for the grainy texture of most beans (but will now eat them in the right context such as with Mexican food, or chili). I still turn up my nose at the Lima bean, but peas are all right with me now as long as they aren't canned and mushy. I think that one of the problems with me and certain foods is that I prefer veggies to resemble veggies, and not be slathered in cream of mushroom soup or cheese, or anything designed to cover up what they started out to be. Also, as I've learned to cook for myself from scratch (not using convenience foods like I did when I was in college), I've learned how to put foods together to make good flavors.

Another thing I didn't think I'd like was this movie. The other week husband and I rented a couple of movies to watch. He'd been wanting to see this one before the new Bond film was released. I am not anti-spy movies. I like a good thriller or action film, but the Bond films had never really done much for me. In large part, I think because they are male fantasy material. To be the cool guy, with the beautiful women, cars (whatever expensive transport is available) and escape all that danger, not so much my thing. Nor did most of the actors playing Bond do much for me as eye candy. They are too handsome for the most part, too assured, too invulnerable to be desirable. However, this movie was really well done. The action was fast, inventive, and didn't depend on lots of clever gadgets. The actor playing Bond really ends up in peril and in a position of real personal jeopardy both physical and emotional. In fact, the emotional danger for this Bond was what sold me on the film. In fact, this film reminded me a bit of the Bourne films which I've always liked.

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