Friday, December 5, 2008

Birds on my Desk, and the Winner Is...

Well, as today 's photo shows, I have been making little felt birds as Christmas Tree ornaments, to be given as gifts (assuming I get them finished in time to give them). I started working on these over Thanksgiving, and have been busy with them --and recovering from a cold--ever since. I found the tutorial over on the wonderful site of so you should hop over there and check out all the retro Christmas stuff she's so generously posted. In addition, the give-away is over. So I am pleased to announce not just one winner, but two. There were so many comments, I was inspired to give more. The first winner will receive the little doll, plus some other goodies. The second winner will receive a bird ornament and some additional goodies. So the first winner is, Lola Jo and the second name I drew was Neighborhood Gal. I will be contacting you and as soon as I have your snail mail addresses and am not at work (I work all weekend so if you shoot me email don't be surprised by a bit of lag time in the response) I will get those things together to send out to you. Everyone else, thank-you again for all your nice comments and for checking out my little blog.

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Christina said...

Hello, I am happy to have discovered your blog and delightful creations. Those birds are darling. Definitely worth all of your hard work! Thank you for the intelligent and thoughtful comment you left on my blog. :) Cece