Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First layout of house blocks and stars

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This then is my first time putting these house blocks up on my design wall. These are a combination of blocks that I made and my mom made and sent to me at Christmas time. I have made a few more houses, some with cats in them, some with dogs, and a couple with women's faces. I also have made some of the liberated stars shown in this picture. All in all its great fun.
Now, after playing with these last night I have a sense of what else could be done. Last night I tried out the block with the rows horizontally orientated. I may try one with a vertical orientation next just to see how it looks. However, I do think I want some additional houses and some additional rows made up of smaller blocks to go between the houses. I really liked having the row of stars across the top. Also, I will have to work out filling in the gaps between the different sized houses, but that shouldn't be too difficult to piece in some additional fabrics to get the blocks to either a uniform height (horizontal orientation) or uniform width (vertical orientation). However, it is nice just to sit down and play with the fabric again. I was feeling sort of blue about not getting to attend the whole of my quilt guild's retreat (just don't have the money to spend this year) and but talked to a friend of mine and so I will go up for at least one of the days and I won't have to drive myself up there. Yeah...So that is something nice to look forward to. I think for the retreat I will get myself set up to have a bunch of things I've been meaning to do, such as binding off a couple of wall hangings and binding a couple of quilts that are finished except for the binding. It is always much more fun to do the stuff you don't enjoy as much with other people around.

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