Friday, May 22, 2009

More about storybook cottages

There are lots of sites that feature some lovely photos of the Storybook Cottages, particularly those built in Carmel by the Sea in California. Many were designed and built by Hugh Comstock, the first one being a house he built for his wife Mayotta whose successful doll business needed more room. I love the fact that he built the first cute house called Hansel(pictured here), as a showcase for her "Otsy Totsy" dolls that were crowding their home. From what I've found out Mayotta Comstock's dolls were rag dolls made out of felt and were very popular. I've found one photo online that shows here with the dolls, but no close up shots so I can only speculate about how cute they are. One site that has a lot of information about storybook style homes, that cropped up in various places in California and elsewhere is
Also on Flick there are a bunch of great photos of cottages in general, but has some great shots of the exteriors of many of the homes Hugh Comstock designed as well as other cottages in the storybook style. One of the things I would really like to find is more pictures of the interior spaces of these houses. I suspect that while they are not very large inside, many of the details that make the exteriors so interesting and enticing could make the interiors charming and cozy as well.
Another website with a few nice pictures is JUST COOL-adventure in design: architecture :: the storybook cottages of Carmel

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kim23 said...

these storybook cottages from Carmel by the Sea,California look like The Witch's House from Beverly Hills. This house is a perfect example of storybook style construction which involves many bizarre building elements often seen in structures found in fairy tales or old stories. Michael Libow, the third owner of the home, purchased it for 1.3 million in 1998.